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An intra-company dispute is any disagreement between persons employed, or who own operating the same company. Some intra-company disputes are settled at the water cooler, while others can bleed into the court system.

That is where Tiffany & Bosco can help.

Types of Intra-Company Disputes

Owner versus owner: Owners of a business can have disputes with each other when one party breaches an agreement or fiduciary duties, or another party wants to dissolve a business relationship. Regardless of whether the business has been formed as a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, our attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with these types of disputes.

Principal versus the organization: An intra-company dispute arises when a corporation has been harmed by the acts of an owner, director, officer, or officers in the form of a breach of contract, violation of a non-compete agreement, a breach of fiduciary duties, or some other duty. Our goal is to help you develop and implement a strategy, mitigate losses, and resolve disputes in the most dignified way.

Disputes in the workplace: In the rare instance when employee disputes cannot be resolved by your human resources department or senior management, it may be time to seek legal advice to come to a fair resolution that protects your company’s reputation.

Family-owned businesses: Sometimes called “Business Divorces,” these are the most difficult disputes and arise when members of a family-owned business are in disagreement. Our attorneys have a sensitivity that invites cooperation while we aggressively represent the interests of our clients.

Resolving Intra-Company Disputes

Intra-company disputes are nothing new. As long as there have been businesses, there have been conflicts among employees, managers, and owners.

Although many disputes could be handled by the court system, that is a costly and public option. Retaining a law firm that can negotiate intra-company disputes can be cost effective, as well as protect the privacy of everyone involved.

Some corporations require their employees to sign agreements to seek arbitration or mediation in the event of intra-company disputes – such agreements may become part of new-hire packets. When and if a problem arises, it is the employee’s responsibility to make the issue known so that it may be handled in-house. Your Tiffany & Bosco business dispute lawyer will draft the needed documents so they comply with the law and protect your interests.

Is a Business Dispute Lawyer Needed?

Your business dispute lawyer or attorney is more than a document pusher – he or she is part of your business strategy. Our job is to protect you from lawsuits that arise from inside your company’s walls, and to offer expert advice when disputes do arise.

Your Tiffany & Bosco business dispute attorney will

  • Review your corporate documents
  • Analyze intra-company relationships
  • Understand your business issues and offer sound legal advice
  • Offer solutions that make sense financially to potentially resolve the dispute without litigation
  • When necessary, litigate intra-company disputes on your behalf

The business dispute attorneys at Tiffany & Bosco deliver service, integrity, and 240 combined years of experience to produce the best outcomes possible. As a business law firm, we understand business. We understand that some issues can only be resolved by a pair of eyes from outside your company.

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