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Tiffany & Bosco Autumn 2018 Newsletter

At Tiffany & Bosco we’re committed to providing you with insights and sharing industry news. Read on for the latest news, announcements and stories. In this issue we discuss autonomous vehicles, legal decision-making and parenting time, and we share the results of our community service efforts for the year.

2018 Spring Newsletter – Experienced Lawyers Committed to Results

Estate planning implications of the new increase in wealth transfer tax exemptions. The Revenue Reconciliation Act of 20171 (the “2017 Tax Act”) is revolutionary legislation that drastically changes many areas of federal tax law, and for the most part brings tax reduction. And yes, as is often the case with new tax legislation, there are matters …

2017 Autumn Newsletter – More Than a Headache

If your employees are not being paid sick time, your prognosis could be terminal! Before July 1, 2017, Arizona employers were legally obligated to pay their employees only minimum wage and overtime. They also could offer paid time off for vacation, personal reasons, or illness, and dictate what rules their employees had to follow to obtain …

2017 June Newsletter – Zoning Updates Around The Valley

The approval of HB 2116 institutes significant changes to the legal protest law that help level the playing field. The following are the three major changes to note. Redefines the 20% who hold Protest Rights, Defines a “true” 150 foot Boundary, Defines what a Three-forth Vote Requires….

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