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2014 Spring Newsletter – Ready for Business with Uncle Sam

For years, Tiffany & Bosco, P.A. has assisted clients regarding various federal, state, and local governmental resources for businesses, but for the first time the firm has identified the following legal services as falling under its newly created practice area of “Government Programs for Business.”

2013 Autumn Newsletter – Protecting Real Property in a Recovering Market

In a recent opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court invoked the “unconstitutional conditions doctrine” in the context of land-use regulation and sided with a property owner who had challenged powerful government regulators. Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Mgmt. Dist., 133 S. Ct. 2586, 2603 (2013). This case highlights the David and Goliath battles that often …

2013 Spring Newsletter – Business Spotlight

Most government contracts of any size are awarded through a public bidding process.1 The first step in pursuing a government contract, therefore, is to sign up to receive e-mails from specific agencies so that you will know when a solicitation is out for bid…

2012 Autumn Newsletter – Dying to Pay

Arizona law protects creditors of decedents’ estates, but numerous traps lie in wait for the unwary. This article offers a short introduction to creditors’ claims in probate. As a threshold matter, secured creditors do not have to deal with probate and may proceed to a trustee’s sale or foreclosure just as if the debtor were …

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