Wills, Trusts, and Probate: Administration & Litigation

In managing wills, trusts and estates, the attorneys of Tiffany & Bosco provide exemplary services to protect our clients’ interests. Whether you need assistance probating a loved one’s estate, administering a trust, or asserting your rights in probate court, we will help you understand your rights and responsibilities.  Should a dispute arise, our experienced probate trial lawyers will be with you every step of the way.

Of course, careful estate planning by Tiffany & Bosco can reduce or eliminate the need for court involvement.

What is Probate Administration?

Probate administration in Arizona is the process by which a decedent’s estate is settled. If there are debts, the administrator of the estate—often referred to as the personal representative or executor—will see to it that the debts are paid. Any remaining assets are then distributed according to the law. If there is a will and/or trust, the matter is often simplified. Simply put, probate legally redistributes property upon the death of the owner.

What Happens During Probate?

There are four basic steps to probate:

  1. A petition is filed with the court.
  2. A personal representative is appointed to inventory the estate assets and provide notice to creditors.
  3. The personal representative pays all estate debts, including taxes, funeral expenses, medical bills, creditor claims, and administrative fees.
  4. Remaining assets are then transferred to the beneficiaries of the estate.

Unlike other states, Arizona has streamlined its procedures to reduce costs and delays.  But those procedures hold numerous traps for the unwary.  Our probate lawyers are just the experienced guides you will need.

What is Probate Litigation and When is it Needed?

When a loved one dies, numerous issues can arise that create disputes among family members, creditors, taxing authorities, and others. These issues may include:

  • Identification of the rightful successors and their respective interests
  • Illiquid assets
  • Will and trust contests or challenges to other documents
  • Intestacy
  • Omitted spouses and children
  • Step-families
  • Community and separate property
  • Multiple jurisdictions
  • Assets in foreign countries
  • Beneficiary designations in financial accounts and life insurance policies
  • Long-standing family disputes
  • Audits of gift and estate tax returns
  • Disputes regarding wealth transfer tax and income tax
  • Post-death planning issues

Our attorneys have decades of experience in resolving these issues efficiently and creatively, with or without court involvement.

Why Choose Tiffany & Bosco Attorneys to Help You with Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation?

We handle both simple and complex probate administrations, trust administrations, and all forms of probate litigation. We have experience representing individuals, businesses, and other entities serving in a fiduciary capacity.

For more than five decades, we have successfully handled numerous estate and trust administration and litigation matters. No matter the size, scale, or complexity of an estate, trust, or protective proceeding, we can help you overcome the challenges you may encounter.

Feel free to explore the credentials of any of the team members below by clicking on their images and viewing their profiles.  Give us a call today to arrange for a consultation.

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