Appellate Practice

Parties who disagree with the decision of a lower court may seek a review by a higher court. Even when a party “wins,” the party may choose to appeal one or more aspects of the lower court’s decision.

Our firm has attorneys who can evaluate cases to determine whether or not matters, including final judgments and interlocutory orders, are appealable. They know the procedures for obtaining a review, can provide advice regarding supersedeas and cost bonds, are able to present a proper record on appeal, and can properly frame the case to obtain the best scope of review.

Our firm is experienced in handling appeals in state, federal, and special courts. Our attorneys are familiar with the rules adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court and the federal courts of appeal, and they recognize the applicability of constitutional provisions, statutes, and other rules.

When a client litigant believes the trial court has committed an obvious error and the remedy available by appeal is not plain, speedy, or adequate, our attorneys are capable of seeking direct relief in the form of a special action proceeding. They can perform the necessary services regardless of whether the application originates as a traditional writ of certiorari, mandamus, or prohibition, or under the common law.

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