Tiffany & Bosco’s automotive law team exclusively represents dealers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Over the years, the team has come to represent more than 60 motor vehicle and recreational vehicle (RV) dealerships. Whether clients are multi-state or national companies or locally owned businesses, our team offers experienced advice, keen insights and a wide range of services. This enables dealerships to work with one automotive law firm for and receive guidance on all of their legal needs.  

Automotive Business Legal Services

Dealerships need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities on everything from entity choice and corporate compliance to being lawful employers. Consistent legal representation enables dealerships to grow profitable businesses, reduce risk and quickly and efficiently address business issues and disputes.

As one of Arizona’s leading automotive law firms, Tiffany & Bosco represents dealerships in regard to:

        • Entity structuring
        • Administrative licensing
        • Operational matters
        • Consumer compliance and disputes
        • Advertising compliance
        • Financing
        • Contract negotiations and drafting
        • Breach of contract claims
        • Employment law
        • Manufacturer franchise relationships and disputes
        • Mergers and acquisitions
        • Sweepstakes and direct mail campaigns
        • Real estate sales and leases
        • Sales and use of tax disputes
        • Business succession planning

Advertising Regulations and Compliance Enforcement

Purchasing and leasing a vehicle is a significant financial transaction for most consumers, which is why the FTC and other regulatory agencies keep a close eye on how dealerships advertise to potential customers. The FTC enforces the Used Car Rule, the FTC’s Privacy Rule and other advertising and marketing regulations while other regulatory agencies frequently enforce claims of deceptive practices and consumer fraud. If an enforcement agency receives a complaint, it may launch an investigation and a finding against the dealership could result in fines and or an injunction.

Tiffany & Bosco’s automotive law practice group is highly experienced in advertising compliance and can help a dealer avoid enforcement actions.

Auto Dealership Consumer Issues and Disputes

Any business that works closely with consumers on a daily basis is aware of the risk of both valid and frivolous disputes. This risk is particularly high for dealerships that may be the victim of consumers’ buyer’s regret. By establishing a long-term relationship with an automotive law team, dealerships have an attorney ready and able to address any consumer issues that arise and mitigate any reputational or financial costs to the business. Our group is equipped to handle consumer relationship issues and vehicle and consumer finance issues.

Tiffany & Bosco Offers Highly Experienced Automotive Law Representation

Our automotive law practice group draws upon the skill and broad experience of all attorneys at Tiffany & Bosco to assure dealerships and their principals that virtually all of their legal needs can be met at one law firm.

If you have questions about a case involving automotive law or are in need of representation, contact us today. Call 602-255-6000 for immediate assistance.

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